renovation series

Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room

Authors Note : In the interest of being fully transparent, I have included links through an Ebay partnership, this means should you click the link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission! I am hoping to make some money through my blog but want to remain fully transparent and honest doing so.… Continue reading Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room


Where there is deep grief, there was great love …

According to the Independent, by the end of the century there will be more dead people on social media than living. Facebook itself will become a strange digital graveyard. Every-time I check my messages online there’s Dads name, and more strangely - because Iv seen his name lots of times since he died - when… Continue reading Where there is deep grief, there was great love …

renovation series

Rocknroll Renovation series : Bathroom

  It was the picture that propelled itself across the globe, and that prompted questions in the thousands - 'Is that a sink in the shower?'  Yes huns, it is. Or I should say - it was. When we viewed our house, the lady showing it to us told us that the previous viewers had… Continue reading Rocknroll Renovation series : Bathroom