Hello, from the Other Side…


cropped-2de184aa-9397-4110-9515-d39e027faff8.pngHello lovelies,

First of all, thankyou for coming..!

God, it is so strange to be back on a proper ‘blog’ instead of instant Facebook gratification, although I will imagine it will be 1000x better for my posting anxiety.

So, why here ?

Well, in 2015, I became a mother for the first time, and along with it the need somewhere to express every stray noodle of thought (of which, I had many) about the whole process. I did that in a Mother/Baby group online, which prompted several of those lovely ladies to push me to create my first blog. Which I did. Back then, I started with about 50 readers – which as it happens, isn’t a bad starting point.

Within a month, I was at 200 readers, although most of them were people I knew!

Just before Christmas 2016, I wrote my first viral post, ‘Things No One Told Me’, which to date has been read by, and I’ll use the scientific measurement here, a FUCKLOAD of people.

Overnight, I went from 250 readers, to 3,000.
ftghjfghIt was around this time, that I also really began to understand the power of the internet, and also the power of Not Giving a Fuck. After all, with many readers, comes many opinions.

I continued writing, but at some point late 2017, I realised what made me differ to most other parenting/’mummy’ bloggers. It was also what I’d been searching for when I’d first fallen pregnant – representation.

A reminder that impending Motherhood does NOT mean Goodbye Identity.

No where did I see a blogger being 100% Motherhood, but also 100% her damn self. It felt like all the mothers around me morphed into society’s idea of how a mother should look.

So, the idea for Rock n Roll Mother was born.

(Pain free, might I add, unlike anything else I’ve birthed…)

And here we are, new blog, new posts, new ideas. Same old me. (:

I hope its everything you are looking for, and if not, I’m hoping it’ll be what I imagine it to be.

So thankyou,

Thanks for coming, thanks for reading, for following and thankyou to all the women who have rooted for me to start, thankyou to everyone for spreading the word, and thankyou to everyone that I’ve whispered the idea to and they’ve said ‘ Go for it!’

Here it is,





6 thoughts on “Hello, from the Other Side…”

  1. Looking forward to reading more. I’ve just started on my mummy journey and feeling a bit isolated, so it’s nice to read someone else’s and just feel like I’m not alone in it

    Liked by 1 person

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