New Year Tarot

So, lets talk about Tarot!


Before I begin, I would like to mention – that I do NOT believe in psychic medium, talking to spirit, conversing with our passed on loved ones.

If you have lost someone, and someone charges you money to contact them – it is not legit.

In my view, if there was a message that someones dead parent, or sister or child wanted to say, charging someone who is grieving to hear it …is gross. 

That said, I do rather enjoy getting my tarot read, lol.

So! For those of you who don’t know what Tarot isuntitled, I will explain :


It began as a card game around Europe in the 15 Century, but slowly began to be used for divinatory or ‘fortune telling’ purposes and that’s how many of us know the cards as today.

That’s the reason I let myself enjoy tarot whilst being a sceptic about other such practises. It isn’t for contacting the dead, or receiving messages from The Great Beyond. It’s a bit of fun, it’s exciting, and sometimes can help you make sense or gain perspective on very real goings-on in your life. It’s like an in-depth personal horoscope.

You need not give anything away to your tarot reader. There is no need for probing questions, you can simply answer yes, or no, or just listen to the cards as they are read out to you. You don’t even have to take it seriously, there’s no need to fear the Death card! as some people do (I’d like to add, I get that in my stack ALOT.)

Hi Hun

I also am fine with paying for a tarot reader, because I don’t feel I am paying to hear a message from The Stiffs in my life, but rather paying for their time and a bit of fun with it. Like I would if I were getting my nails done and chatting to the nice nail lady as she does it.

But anyway, this is beginning to sound like a hard sell, and that ain’t how I roll. 

So, in 2017 I had my tarot read for the year ahead, and enjoyed it immensely. It was more of a tester that one, and I can honestly say she said things that I thought ‘Fuck offff!’ to, and as the year progressed that little All Knowing Fucker got ’em all right. So that showed me.

As 2018 came to a close, I felt down in the dump-ios. I’d wasted a year in my eyes. Nothing was achieved that at the end of 2017 I had been so certain I would achieve. I was determined to make things happen for 2019. e30d9330fc2c8b90fdf84b60d5a7d3b2

And then I thought – fuck it, lets have a go at another Tarot. I was skint, so in December I found an online DIY tarot reader, which was completely free and I picked the cards my self, following the instructions – that is a brill way to introduce yourself to a little flutter on the cards, if you are unsure or fancy passing the time at 2am like I did.

Heres a link to a Tarot Card generator :


(Always do a FREE one, never put card details in, never share ANY personal details. It should take one or two clicks. That’s it!)

New Year rolled around, and fuck me, was I feeling refreshed. I felt like I’d been in hibernation for the last few months of 2018, and now I was ready to make things happen instead of waiting for them to drop into my lap.

I found a tarot lady who I don’t know why, I just got a nice vibe from. (I’d like to mention, she had no idea I was looking at her Instagram, I really was just hovering over her page wondering how to get in touch.) As she was a follower of mine’s mother (That’s a mouthful for the voice in my mind!) I messaged her and asked if I could get in touch her mum, so she passed on her number and we agreed a time.

Now for the juicy stuff, because I don’t know about you but whenever someone gets something like this I always want to know what has been said and when, just so I can watch as time progresses to see if anything has come true or not.

And that brings me to my next tip for getting a Tarot Reading.

Write.It. Down.vintage-blossoms-notebooks-01.jpg

It doesn’t matter if its neat, or makes much sense, as your tarot reader talks,  write down anything and everything that they say. That way, once the reading is over you may have forgotten bits from the start (my reading was half an hour long, but you can have them for an hour!) but having some quick revision notes will bring it back. Plus you can go over them at any time, write them up so they flow better- etc.

You now have a hard copy of your fortune for the year ahead!

So…do you wanna know what my reading said?

Well, I’m not telling you everything, because I don’t want the Gods of Tarot to smite me, but I’ll give you the gist. As my cards were shuffled I was asked to think of the sorts of things I might like to know about. I knew that already, I wanted to know if the year ahead was going to go well. Would my projects be successful?


I said I was ready, and we began.

The first thing she said, was there looked to be a heartbreak around a man, my sceptical mind immediately kicked in and I thought ‘oh heck, I’ve paid a woman to google me and tell me that my feckin Dad’s dead. Well I know that!’

I ‘hmm’ed in response.

Then she told me there’s a decision to make, well again – that could be anything, we all have decisions to make don’t we? What’s for tea tonight? What shall I do with my hair next? Shall I read my book tonight or have a shag?

But then she mentioned a falling out I’d had with specific family members. No one online knows about that. (Well, you do now lol) It caught my attention but I didn’t want to give anything away. She explained more, she described how it made me feel, she even said an entire sentence that I had said to Ryan in bed one night about my thoughts on it all and how I thought I should move forward.

‘The situation has to be dealt with.’ She told me.


After that it was hit after hit. (Although I know that tarot readers don’t like those phrases, but it was!) Then a miss, she thought Lily was a boy. That did make me think perhaps she hasn’t researched me.

There was some negative things in February, so watch this space. :-O But you know me by now, ain’t nothing that keeps me down for long. So…

The good stuff! April time, she said things would be looking up. Projects would be successful (GET IN!) and she even picked up on a death anniversary that I hadn’t thought about for a few years.  She mentioned contracts being signed, a lovely busy period and all in all – life would feel good again.

She mentioned a woman in my life that I wanted to know more about – who is acting manipulative, trying to draw me in, being a drama queen, and that I should stop pandering to her. Well, I know who that is, and lets just say – she can shit off!

Obviously it was all much more detailed, but until some things she mentioned are dealt with, it would not benefit the sitch to write about on here. (And they ain’t that interesting anyway!) She asked at the end if I had any questions as we had a bit of time spare, so we went into a couple of things. This was where writing it all down helped, because it can feel a bit like an information dump! So I could quickly find anything I’d underlined that I was unsure of and we chatted about it.

Another tip: I wish I’d written down each card as she drew them, as I only wrote down one or two, if I’d have written down each one it would have given me a clear idea of what the whole reading looked like. Plus I could look them up later on! 

Overall, the tarot reading was brilliant. Michelle was so friendly and calm, it was quite relaxing although I was sweating buckets! Heres a link to her Instagram if you’d like to find her!

I hope that answered any wonderings you had about Tarot, or at least satisfied the nosy urges that I know I get ! Have any of you had a tarot reading lately? Will any of you decide to get one done in the future?

Actually, don’t tell me. I’ll ask the cards….





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