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Rocknroll Renovation series : Bathroom


desabafo-da-maternidadeeditIt was the picture that propelled itself across the globe, and that prompted questions in the thousands – ‘Is that a sink in the shower?’ 

Yes huns, it is.

Or I should say – it was.

When we viewed our house, the lady showing it to us told us that the previous viewers had turned it down because of the bathroom alone. They had seen it for all its hideous imperfections, but we saw it for its potential. 

Square tiles that matched a mens urinal, and to be fair – the smell did too. The only fixture that looked to be from this century was the electric shower fitting. The windowsill slanted downwards, the ceiling was mouldy, there was an ugly drain in the centre of the floor and no shower curtain. It really was a wet room.

I annoyingly, didn’t take any proper ‘before’ photos, because it was truly so awful I didn’t want a reminder. Obviously now I realise the benefit of seeing what you had to work with and your finished project!

BEFORE -ish. We’d taken the sink and toilet out at this point!

Still, we had  budget of £400 ish to work with, and work with it we did.

Firstly, we waited til the January sales began, then we bought our shower tray and screen for a tidy couple of hunners. We decided to remove the toilet and sink, clean them properly and refit them – that saved us about £300, so it’s not to be sniffed at!

Having a go at some tiling, I’m always up for leaning a new skill!

We bought our Moroccan tiles in the sale, and they have been a source of envy for many of you I know! Thankfully they have come more in fashion now so are easier to get hold of, we got ours from Trago Mills, Liskeard- so it was frustrating that they weren’t easily sourced for the of you!

Ryan grouting away…

Next was a new windowsill, which cost a few quid thanks to Ryan’s camaraderie with the local plastics fella. A lick of warm terracotta-like paint, and the ‘background’ was done!


I wanted to make the room appear much bigger as it was such a small space to work with, so we found a mirror in The Range that matched our Moroccan style theme and without measuring it, bought it home – where it just fit the space. We are talking centimetres spare. Lucky!

I actually found these taps for £2 second hand on Ebay!



I had also seen an idea on my mood-board for Kilner jars used as storage. Ryan found a driftwood plank, and for a few quid I found some jars, string and hooks and made our quirky little storage jars!


I can’t find a link to our original mirror but heres a similar one!

Finally our mouldy old bathroom had transformed into a spa like experience. My main goal for our house is to feel like a holiday home, clean and fresh but still liveable. And I like to think that we are slowly but surely achieving it!

Thankyou for all the compliments on our projects so far, watch this space- theres plenty more to come!








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