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Rocknroll Renovation Series: Kitchen

So lots of you have been asking for this series, and with our garden renovations well under way, I figured I’d look back on our previous projects and share how we got there with you.


So, our kitchen was new when we got our house, but it wasn’t to our taste. We knew we wanted to breathe some character into it so while we saved up some spare cash, I made some mood boards to help visualise what I wanted it all to look like.

A blank canvas, this was the day we moved in!

Ryan had a surplus of metro tiles from a job he worked on, so I began the mood board around those. (Perks of having a brickie for a fella!)

Moodboard Ideas : Wooden effect counter plus metro tiles


Tip: There’s lots of Facebook groups that can help with inspiration and people doing it all! My favourite is DIY on a budget!

I always think that it doesn’t matter what budget you have, you can make it work and have an end product that you are proud of. Our budget for the kitchen was small, but we had the benefit of a ‘new’ kitchen to work with.

Well, that depends how you look at it. 

I knew I wanted dark colour cupboards, and wooden worktops, but we didn’t want to get rid of the cupboards entirely, so it meant a lot of painting. And I mean a lot.

I loved that these cupboards were a bit quirkier than the average cream or sage colour!

We sanded the cupboards down first, then primed, then sanded slightly again, then did a base coat of white. That was a days work! Then came the coats and coats of my colour of choice – deep blue.


Once dry, we admired our handiwork and then Ryan decided he didn’t like it, he wanted to go grey.

LeTs Go GrEy He SaYs

Then I saw some scaffold plank worktops that looked gorgeous, so we ‘cheated’ the oak look with brank new scaffold planks, that I then stained with wood dye in ‘oak’. We later sanded them right back again after painting the cupboards grey for the 28287234th time.


The kitchen was already transformed!

The light worktops did the space some good compared to the black marble effect we’d had before. Our kitchen is super small so having a light colour helped open it out. Plus we’d made the whole kitchen one unit instead of the original split that it had before. We did need to buy another cupboard for that, as we wanted an integrated oven instead of the freestanding hob we had before.

Next came a lick of paint for the walls – this is something that brings any room back to life, there’s nothing like the clean smell of fresh paint is there?

Plus it freshens every room up beautifully. We try and repaint every room in the house at least once a year just before Spring, it really makes you fall in love with the place again. Plus its fresh for the bright sunny days to come!

This blue kitchen was on my mood board – I loved the pineapples on display too!

Lastly were the finishing touches, I don’t like having a house that is the same as everyone else’s, although I do love admiring other peoples ‘background’, its better when people put their own style in amongst it all. I feel like each room in the house should tell a visitor a bit about the people that live there, and I hope our house shows all of you a bit about us!

Our light fitting and bulb were from Ebay, you can find one here




I got a lot of compliments on our bright kitchen before we could redo it, but it was a bit of a headache!
The metro tiles we were lucky to nab!



The little details, I found those tins in a vintage sale!
Our much coveted drawer handles were from Sass & Belle!


Since sharing on Instagram and facebook, many of you have shared with me your own DIY renovations, with lots of you taking our dark cupboards and scaffold plank worktops for inspiration! I have loved seeing your bee handles, cat handles I think someone even showed me a vintage bird handle – they are all brilliant and I feel honoured to have inspired so many of you to make your house a home!

Thankyou for reading!



Picture credits : Google, and Pinterest. The rest are my ow



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