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Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room

Authors Note : In the interest of being fully transparent, I have included links through an Ebay partnership, this means should you click the link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission! I am hoping to make some money through my blog but want to remain fully transparent and honest doing so. So if you’re feeling generous, please do use the links – it doesn’t cost you anything extra to do so. (: Thankyou! 


I sat on my bed a few weeks ago, looked into the untidy living room, and hated it. No real thought had gone into it, I’d just picked  pretty things up as I’d shopped around, unsure what I wanted the space to look like, and even less sure how to get it to feel like it was *mine*. It was cosy, yeah. But it wasn’t right. See feng shui.

Having recently found a style I liked for our bedroom, and turned it into something other than a dumping ground for everyone’s crap – I looked into the mish-mashed room and decided it was time something different in ‘ere too.

I had a quick look on Instagram for some inspiration, and came across some ‘scandi’ living accounts I fell in love with instantly. Black, white, grey and natural textures shit all over the silver crushed velvet hell I’d been seeing so much of lately. (Edit: Hey, if that’s what you’re into then you do you! Whatever makes your heart happy, afterall – its your space, and I don’t have to live there! 🙂 )


I wanted to redecorate the whole room, without having to leave the house – Ryan has been super busy with work the last few weeks so I wanted to pester him as little as possible, although I did rope him into buying the paint, painting the walls, helping me move the sofas and putting the shelves up. >:)

Even Lily proudly painted one wall, so I guess I was just the ..uh…creative director.

A couple of months ago I cleaned the sofa completely. Hoovered every nook and cranny, deep cleaned the arms, washed and ironed the cushions and covers, it smelt gorgeous. With a kid, two cats and a fella who likes to put his boots on it – it’s no easy feat keeping it clean!

Proud of my work for the afternoon, I sat back with a cup of tea to relax – Ryan threw himself next to me (if I sit down for one second in this household, everyone must join me immediately, this includes toilet breaks…)

Lily jumped onto his lap, and knocked his tea onto the clean cushions, and the cat suddenly wanted to see the ceiling close up, and used the side table with my full cup of tea on as her springboard to do so. I announced amongst all the spillages that I would never clean the sofa again, because of ‘all you twats’. And that was that. The stain remains, and I ain’t cleaning it.

UntitledDark Grey Chesterfield Sofa

Anyway, with that in mind I figured I’d make do with ours, and being a crafty little so and so, I’d just throw some blankets over it and screech at anyone who dare look under one.

I wanted some real eucalyptus in some vases here and there, but figured it would mean re-buying it over and over, so – I decided to fake it with some artificial stuff : Artificial Eucalyptus.

Cats to match the décor!

I wanted black to be my anchor colour, for no other reason than – our coal scuttle was black and it didn’t fit in at the moment. So black it was! I’d seen some of these pointed stars lurking around Instagram at Christmas, and found a cheap version here!

The Scandi style cushions and blanket are both from Sass & Belle, I buy loads of their stuff, from door handles to cushions, to trinket boxes for Lily’s room, it’s always super cute and well made – and not too expensive either. The cushions were out of stock everywhere but I managed to find a pair! Here’s links to the blanket and the cushions!


I also saw this cushion but couldn’t justify a 10th cushion on the sofa, but heres a link for anyone who can! 😉


 Our much loved log burner and oh, wait – I’ve moved the bloody coal scuttle! 

Our tired old Artex ceiling needed a revamp too, and while Ryan is a qualified plasterer, guess who doesn’t wanna plaster all day and then plaster all night ? Which is fair enough, so I thought a new light fitting and a lick of paint and hopefully no one will look up there anymore. I found a cheap light fitting that ‘fit, bought some bulbs – more expensive than the light, and as a friend of ours fit it for us (Don’t fuck with electrics unless you know what you’re doing guys!) he pointed out that it was a bit Swastika shaped.

I’d have loved something like this, but our ceilings are too low!

Too late, it was up and now I am vetting people at the door and explaining I am in no way a Hitler re-incarnate.

Anyway, the last few items to finish it all off include :


rock n rolllll
Rock n roll print 




Industrial Style Table, these guys were super nice as well – the lid of the table arrived broken (thanks delivery tossers) and they sent a replacement to arrive the next day. 10/10 love friendly Ebay sellers, makes all the difference! 


Palmistry Hand


Before & After !



Before & After !


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed having a nosy, I tried to fit as much as possible in, as always you can ask me anything on Instagram : @rocknrollmother_ 



4 thoughts on “Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room”

  1. Lovely & lots of effort put in, but I can’t see the £500.00 Gray Chesterfield Sofa in your home that is advertised in the blog, any other photos of it in your home?*


    1. Hello Linda ! That is on my ‘to buy’ list! So hopefully working towards it in the future, but living with two messy buggers means I’m not ready to introduce something so lovely into our house just yet 😆 xxx


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