renovation series

Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room

Authors Note : In the interest of being fully transparent, I have included links through an Ebay partnership, this means should you click the link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission! I am hoping to make some money through my blog but want to remain fully transparent and honest doing so.… Continue reading Rocknroll Renovations – Living Room

renovation series

Rocknroll Renovation series : Bathroom

  It was the picture that propelled itself across the globe, and that prompted questions in the thousands - 'Is that a sink in the shower?'  Yes huns, it is. Or I should say - it was. When we viewed our house, the lady showing it to us told us that the previous viewers had… Continue reading Rocknroll Renovation series : Bathroom

renovation series

Rocknroll Renovation Series: Kitchen

So lots of you have been asking for this series, and with our garden renovations well under way, I figured I'd look back on our previous projects and share how we got there with you. So, our kitchen was new when we got our house, but it wasn't to our taste. We knew we wanted… Continue reading Rocknroll Renovation Series: Kitchen